BEAMFORGE is a comprehensive, UE4-based, XR development environment. The SDK lets you build virtual showrooms, real-time configurators (e.g. for car, yacht or real estate individualization), simulations, training tools and exciting VR experiences (games, historical reconstructions, etc.).

The tool provides an unified UI / UX template system for all relevant target platforms (VR headsets, mobile and desktop), an innovative navigation solution for room-scale or teleport-based locomotion in VR environments and powerful tools for the production of visual marketing material. The latter makes BEAMFORGE a true omnichannel tool that covers the full spectrum of visual marketing: from simple images (HD / 4k / 8k – for brochures, posters etc.) animations/cinematics, 360-degree panoramas, VR experiences and real-time configurators.

BEAMFORGE delivers everything you need for your visual communication, be it print, social media, your homepage or video sharing. We digitize your project in BEAMFORGE and you get all the 2D, 3D and VR content for the visual marketing of your product, project, property etc. The following is sample material from BEAMFORGE for the marketing of a property. The pictures, animations, panoramas etc. are purely virtual. 100% exported from BEAMFORGE.


Known from traditional vizualizations: Due to their straightforward handling and the possibility of distribution via almost all channels (print, social media, website, newsletter, etc.), static object views in up to 16k screen resolutions from different perspectives are a perfect basis in both the advertising of projected real estate and in the continuing object communication and equipment planning.

Click an image to enlarge:

Ideal for:
print (brochures, posters etc.), social media, websites, newsletters, mobile etc.


Classic and subtle or loud & provocative? You decide. All animations are directly set up in the 3D real-time environment, synched with music & sound fx, added cut effects and captured in real-time straight from the real-time rendering engine.

Thanks to the direct capturing and the omission of video post production, smaller changes can be realized even after the completion of the animation in a jiffy. A revolution in the workflow of architectural animations.

Click the image to watch a demo animation:

Ideal for:
social media, video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), websites, mobile etc.


Think of 360° photos as the “little sister” of full-scale VR experiences. They have become quite common in the marketing of existing property and our omnichannel strategy wouldn’t be complete without them. NORD/VR now offers 360° panoramas for projected or virtual real estate in photorealistic quality. The main advantage is in its easy accessibility via browser, tablet, smartphone… in the latter, the built-in motion sensor (gyroscope) is used, to emulate a camera view to the virtual property.

Give it a try: Your phone or tablet will become a window to our 360° panorama! Move your smartphone or tablet to look around the room. If you are viewing the website on a PC or notebook, move the pointer over the view while holding down the left mouse button.

DOUBLE CLICK (or double tap) the panorama to switch to fullscreen.
Click HERE for fullscreen on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

Ideal for:
Mobile (tablets, smartphones), basic VR-headsets, social media, websites


The premier class in terms of interactivity, quality and immersion is the virtual reality presentation via high-end headsets. It not only enables your customers to commit and discover their vision completely free in real-time 3D, but also to configure it live to adapt the object directly to their individual needs.

Our dedicated BEAMFORGE user interface lets you and your customers dive into virtual worlds intuitively. The own configuration can be saved as a code and can be reloaded at a later time and further edited. In addition, saved configuration codes can also be used for our 360° panoramas (see above) and sent to your customers via link, so they can easily share what they’ve experienced with friends.

Click on the picture to see a video of our VR presentation. However, the real thing can only be experienced with a live VR presentation.

No VR glasses at hand? No problem: just like our 360° panoramas, our VR configurator starts normally on the computer screen when no headset is connected.

Ideal for:
live presentation, meetings


It doesn’t matter if you work with drawings/views on paper, 2D/3D CAD data, Revit, ArchiCAD or other BIM compatible formats. We can realize your BEAMFORGE project from ANY format or resource.


BEAMFORGE is not only suitable for construction projects, but for all enterprises in which high-quality presentations are already a demand during planning and development, such as in shipbuilding, in the automotive industry, in the documentation of technical and creative processes as well as in industrial and general object design.


Why complicated, if it’s easy? At NORD/VR, it is important to us to make project processes transparent and as simple as possible. At the same time, we understand that workflows and project environments are as diverse as our customers. That’s why we don’t dictate rigid file specifications or strict guidelines on the way to your own BEAMFORGE project, but adapt to your workflow instead!

Tell us about your planned property, your design, your process …whatever you want to present in VR. If your customers are to configure your project live and in VR, we’ll discuss the planned variants or options to be implemented. To do this, you give us your existing, planning documents (no matter if they are just a few sketches or, for example, 2D or 3D CAD data).

We create the real-time 3D model in coordination with you, which will form the basis for the VR presentation and all other BEAMFORGE media formats (360° panoramas, animations etc.). In the 3D model, a first draft of the configuration variants is integrated and we adapt the BEAMFORGE user interface to your project. Phase two ends with the acceptance of the dimensionally accurate 3D model, which can already be visualized in real time and visited via VR.

In the final step, we get down to the finishing touches and develop the final version of the interactive VR experience and all other media formats, such as static object views (images), animated animations and, if desired, 360° Panoramas for eg your website and mobile VR headsets. The production ends with the presentation, acceptance and delivery of the content and all media formats.